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A trusted milk brand since 1977, Saudia Milk is SADAFCO's flagship brand. It is the No. 1 Long Life Milk in Saudi Arabia and it is a strong and growing No. 2 in the total drinking milk market. The brand is associated with quality and nutrition that is ideal for the whole family. Every pack of Saudia Milk is enriched with vitamins and minerals to ensure wholesome nutrition for the whole family. 

Saudia Milk has been a pioneer in sustainable milk production in the region, guaranteeing unquestionable quality with products free of preservatives. This philosophy combined with state-of-the-art production facilities is the core of our business.

SKU Information

Available as Whole Milk (2-liter; 1-liter; 900ml; 500ml; 200ml; 125ml);
Low-Fat Milk (1-liter; 900ml; 200ml);
Skimmed Milk (1-liter; 200ml);
Gold 5% Milk (1-liter).